Organizational capability

Reassess your competencies, identify development needs, move your supply chain / procurement team from a transactional necessary evil to a true value-adding business partner. After a phase of strong growth, it is also important to reassess capabilities.

Organizational structure

Is your organization the appropriate one ? Have you considered offshoring, outsourcing, reshoring, insourcing ? Do you have the right balance between global/regional and local ? Do you measure the right indicators ? Do you leverage digital tools  and are you making the most of them ?

Due diligence in Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestments

We support your due diligence process, whether you are on the acquisition team or the divesting one. Supply Chain and Procurement teams are normally understaffed to add an M&A activity on top of their daily duties without endangering operations. Rely on us to extend your team and do not reinvent the wheel, we have all the tools you need for a proper divestment, acquisition/merger and onboarding. We support also post-integration synergies for mergers and acquisitions.

Supplier diversity (MWBE)

Understand and communicate the needs for supplier diversity, whether customer-driven, part of your ESG development or to assess your current practices and get it revitalized

Risk management & Fraud detection

Do you know how to avoid supplier shortcomings, is your supply chain reliable ? Have you scanned your spend for fraud, are you confident you are fraud-free ?

Sustainability - Net Zero Emissions (NZE)

What is in scope ? How do you support your organization goals by identifying and reducing your scope 2 and 3 emissions ? Don't throw resources blindly, don't reinvent the wheel. Get started here

Spend analysis

We perform spend analysis, provide recommendations and follow up. 

Procurement as a Service for Start-ups & Scale-ups

Small companies and start-ups do not have the skills and resources to procure professionally, ending up in less than favorable commercial terms in contracts and subpar terms. We provide Procurement as Service so that you can concentrate on what you do best: growing your company. Scale-ups and fast-growing companies face supply chain strains we can help resolve.